About Us

The New Zealand Law Students’ Association (NZLSA) is the parent body of the six on-campus Law Student Societies in New Zealand and is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the activities of these six societies. Upon enrolling as a law student, a student automatically becomes a member of the NZLSA. In this way, the NZLSA is the national body representing the interests of all law students throughout New Zealand.

What does the NZLSA do?

The NZLSA oversees the six Law Student Societies (LSS) around the country and provides them with guidance on the successful administration of an LSS.

The NZLSA also provides advocacy and a united voice on matters that affect all law students. To this end, the NZLSA nominates two representatives to sit on the Council of Legal Education, and makes submissions where necessary on issues relevant to law students.

The NZLSA negotiates on behalf of the six LSS with the law firms that sponsor the four legal competitions held on each campus. In addition, the NZLSA holds an annual conference which provides LSS competition winners with the opportunity to compete for the national titles in mooting, witness examination, client interviewing and negotiation.

Finally, NZLSA publishes a bi-annual magazine, LEX. LEX was established in 1999, and provides interesting and insightful content from and affecting law students around the country.

2018 NZLSA Executive

Charlotte Aspin | President

Email: president.nzlsa@gmail.com

Tom Pemberton | Treasurer

Email: treasurer.nzlsa@gmail.com

Lauren Gamble | Administrative Vice-President

Email: avp.nzlsa@gmail.com

John Whitcombe | Competitions Vice-President

Email: cvp.nzlsa@gmail.com

Maddy Nash | Education Vice-President

Email: evp.nzlsa@gmail.com

Jasper Fawcett | Marketing Vice-President

Email: mvp.nzlsa@gmail.com

Paige Thomas | Conference Convener

Email: convener.nzlsa@gmail.com

Geordie Johnson | Council of Legal Education Representative

Email: cle.nzlsa@gmail.com

Rebecca Brehmer | Council of Legal Education Representative

Email: cle.nzlsa@gmail.com


NZLSA Constitution

The NZLSA and the Council are governed and empowered by the NZLSA Constitution.

Click here to view the most recent version of the NZLSA Constitution, as at 24 August 2017.

Please find our Constitution Schedule 1: National Law Students’ Competitions Championships Rules attached: NZLSA Constitution Sch 1 National Competitions Rules (27/07/13)