LEX Magazine

NZLSA publishes its very own student-targeted magazine called LEX.

LEX was established in 1999 and is produced biannually. LEX gives law students across the country the opportunity to not only read about what is going on in terms of recruitment, legal competitions and achievements of New Zealand law students, but also the opportunity to contribute their own ideas to the magazine too. It is widely distributed across all six of the New Zealand law faculties and gives law students the opportunity to see what is ‘going on’ amongst fellow law students around the country.

   We’re Looking for Contributors!

If you would like to write an article for LEX about an interesting experience that you have had as a law student or an issue that you feel passionate about, please email our current Marketing Vice-President, Joshua Oliver, at mvp.nzlsa@gmail.com

Latest Issues (2020):

LEX 2020 Edition Two (Winter)

LEX 2020 Edition One (Summer)

Previous Issues (2019 and beyond):

LEX 2019 Edition Two (Winter)

LEX 2019 Edition One (Summer)

LEX 2018 Issue Two (Winter)

LEX 2018 Issue One (Summer)

Lex 2017 Issue One

Lex 2017 Issue Two

Lex 2016 Issue One

Lex 2015 Issue Two

Lex 2015 Issue One