2018 Elections




Nominations are now open for the 2018 New Zealand Law Students’ Association Executive and ex officio roles! Candidates will be elected to the positions at the NZLSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) being held at the NZLSA Conference in Hamilton on Thursday 24 August 2017. Nominations forms must be submitted by 9.00am Thursday 24 August. Click here for a nomination form.

NZLSA is the organisation responsible for representing the interests of law students in New Zealand. It operates as the parent body of the regional Law Students’ Societies that exist at each New Zealand law school. NZLSA co-ordinates responses and, where necessary, advocacy in relation to educational and other issues affecting law students on a national level. It co-ordinates the sponsorship and organisation of law competitions. It also fulfills a variety of other functions as the Executive from time to time deems appropriate.


The positions available on the NZLSA Executive are:

  • President,
  • Administrative Vice-President,
  • Treasurer,
  • Education Vice-President,
  • Competitions Vice-President,
  • Marketing Vice-President, and
  • Lex Editor *Note this position may be merged with MVP after a constitutional change*

Only current law students are eligible to run for these positions. Candidates who are not likely to be law students at the conclusion of their term require the approval of a 75% majority of the Council Members at the election for their nomination to be accepted. Successfully elected candidates must not hold office on a regional Law Students’ Society during the NZLSA term of office. For more details, see the NZLSA constitution. Candidates running for President must be present at the AGM in Auckland. Candidates running for other positions are encouraged but not required to attend the AGM. Candidates who are unable to attend the AGM may select one person to speak on their behalf, for example their regional Law Students’ Society President.


Serving on NZLSA is an enjoyable and rewarding way to serve your fellow law students. If you would like to know more about any of the roles, you are welcome to contact the current office-holders. Contact details of the current NZLSA Executive can be found on the executive page. You may also like to speak to your regional Law Students’ Society President about what NZLSA and the various positions involve.