In June 2013, the New Zealand Law Students’ Association (NZLSA) conducted a survey of New Zealand law students about their mental health and wellbeing.  The purpose of the survey was to gain a picture of law students’ mental health to determine whether any issues existed and, if so, how NZLSA should act in response.


The survey confirmed that some mental wellness issues exist in the New Zealand law student community.  Over 60 per cent of New Zealand law students attribute high stress levels to their studies, and a quarter report developing a clinical mental health disorder since commencing at university.  Of those, 1 in 6 affected students believe their law studies were a direct cause of their illness, and a further half of affected students cite being a law student as a contributing factor. The disorders recorded include depression, anxiety, eating disorders and OCD.


In 2013, NZLSA, created a Mental Wellness Guidebook for New Zealand Law Students. In 2017, that guidebook was updated to its current format. The guidebook is aimed at promoting mental wellness awareness and eliminating the stigma of mental illness for all New Zealand law students.  


To view the NZLSA Mental Wellness Guide Book please click here: NZLSA Health and Wellbeing Guidebook

For further information, please contact the NZLSA President, Victoria Rea, at