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Victoria University of Wellington Law Students’ Society


The Victoria University of Wellington Law Students’ Society (VUWLSS) is a representative group, run solely by law students, for law students. The society is elected to both advocate and support law students at Victoria University. VUWLSS does this in two main ways. The first is to advance and promote educational opportunities for law students at all levels. VUWLSS presents opportunities for students to hone their legal skills through competitions, lectures and study groups, as well as provide a platform for discussion through panels, debates and forums. The other very important function is to enhance the law school experience – making it more rewarding, dynamic and interesting for students. VUWLSS serves the interests of students outside of the classroom through sell-out social events, engaging speakers, and enviable opportunities for further learning and hands-on experience.


In 2017, VUWLSS’s aim is to provide an equitable law school experience for all law students. We will open up the doors of opportunity, engaging with students and listening to their requirements. We hope to enable a shift of focus for law students, enabling alternative career paths, a non-alcohol fuelled event, and an emphasis on providing support for every law student. For further details, see the VUWLSS website and Facebook page:



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President: Charlie Wilkinson or

Vice President Administration: Alice Wood or


What are the Law Student Societies?

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